Whether you need advice, a boost, are struggling and aren’t sure where to find support,  or want to learn something new…you will find it here. I have a passion to share all the things I have learned and continue to learn across my 34 years that have helped my wellbeing.

By day I am a People Development Coach. I use tools to help people be at their best, teams to work more effectively together and ultimately organisations to be more successful. If you are interested in the support that I can offer to you or your team head over to the Portfolio section of this site.

If you have stopped by for a nosey, to read, or just get some ideas that’s brilliant too. Stay a while and see what you can find. If your need is more urgent and perhaps you are feeling lost, at a really low point, or unsure of your next step – I promise there will be something you need to to see or hear on this site.

In my teens and early adulthood I suffered with M.E. and Depression and have an acute understanding of the tough side of mental and physical health. This experience ultimately led me on a quest of self-discovery and improvement of elements of my life that are in my control and this has become one of my biggest passions in life. Life is short. We are reminded of that every day and I am going to make sure I live it!  I have found so many different ways to positively impact my life and want to help you find what works for you. There is no one size fits all, no magic wand or 5 day life changing programme on offer here…instead a treasure chest of tools, ideas and resources for you. Throughout the content of this site I keep coming back to the question, ‘what would have helped me to boost my health, happiness and fulfilment when I needed it most?’.

We are living in a modern world where people have more access to information, want more, expect more and generally put such huge expectations on themselves. I am here to simplify things and create a space to share content and create a positive space. 2020 has been a massive year for most people and I believe all the global challenges have brought me to a place where I no longer feel like this site is a nice ‘to do’ but instead I feel compelled to get it launched and out there.

You will notice in my content that I share a lot of ideas and perspectives. If you have an idea you want to share (a video, blog post etc) please send it over to me and once reviewed I will share it in our Guest Room section. The more the merrier – I am excited to share content and see where this journey takes us.

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