Currently all of the people development coaching and facilitation support I offer are being delivered virtually.

I use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, email, whatsapp, text message and good old fashioned phone calls to engage with our customers. The five key virtual approaches I use include:


Online Team Workshop

Online One to One Coaching Session

Telephone Walk & Talk Coaching Session

Text/Whatsapp/Email Coaching

Shorter sessions are working well; with so many people being glued to the screen for more hours than is healthy. My shortest session has been 15 minutes in contrast the longest facilitated session I have run was a virtual offsite which took place across 2 days! My online sessions are focused on maximum engagement throughout with questions, time for reflection, polls, annotating slides, and the chance to work with other colleagues in break out rooms when we are running team sessions. Everyone has different learning styles and I am very mindful of this when designing our sessions.

My passion lies in helping people to feel more purposeful, happy and engaged in their work and life as a whole. Wellbeing is at the heart of my people development approach and is incorporated into every session I deliver. Some of the key support areas that I am currently working on with customers include:

Wellbeing Support

Insights Discovery Model

Leadership Development

One to One Coaching

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