What is journaling?

Is it Dear Diary? Writing down all of your secrets? A place to share your thoughts openly? The answer lies in questions and whatever you want it to be.

Encouraged as children to keep a diary, to write down thoughts and enjoyment from it. Why is it less common to keep this tradition going in adulthood?

For me personally, as an introvert, who naturally has lots of thoughts going on internally I have found journaling really helpful in giving focus, order and calmness to my thought patterns. It’s a place just for me to write and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

I have found it particularly helpful at the beginning of the day. Journaling at the same time every day brings consistency and the consistency builds the habit.

My approach

  • Intention
  • 3 key focal areas
  • Gratitude

Takes 5-10 minutes each day and makes such a difference

Spend so much time planning a holiday, house move, why not put a little time each day creating this positive habit to impact your life.

Positive Focus For Day

  • Intention for the day
  • What three things do I most want to achieve today?
  • How do I want to show up today?
  • What am I most grateful for?
  • What am I wrestling with?
  • What is worrying me about today? What can I do to take positive action on this?

Positive Review Of Day

  • What have you achieved today (3 things)?
  • What are you grateful for? (3 things)
  • How could your day have been Even Better If?
  • What do you want to focus on for tomorrow? (3 things)

Confidence Questions

  • When have I been most confident?
  • When have I been least confident?
  • What can I do differently to boost my confidence?

Stretch Questions

  • What positive habits/negative habits have I been undertaking this week?
  • What am I wrestling with and how can I tackle it?
  • Who do I need to communicate with more? How and when will I do this?


Buy a specific notepad, journal (amazon – gratitude journal, minute a day journal etc) or use a document online. Whatever works for you. I find physically holding pen in hand means that different thoughts and tapping into sub conscious can sometimes occur.

Do it at the same time each day – start with just a few minutes

Review how you feel after you have journaled

If journaling in morning do it before looking at emails

Can work nicely coupled with gratitude meditation/learning something new/tagged on to other positive morning routine elements

It’s for you and only you, don’t worry about how little or much you write, like anything the more you do the easier it becomes.

Notice the patterns that are beginning to emerge – what do you notice? What can you learn? What positive step can you take to support your development/growth?

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