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Watch this clip for a little bit more about the tool and impact it can have.

Insights Discovery can be used in so many different ways to help individuals, teams and organisations to be more effective in their ways of working. Communication is at the heart of every relationship and Insights Discovery helps you to better understand yourself, others and take action on this knowledge. Through the use of four colour energies, Insights Discovery provides a common language to enhance communication and improve understanding. To find out more click on the below files to see how the model can be applied in so many contexts.

Insights Discovery Workshops (2021 Calendar of Open Events)

If you or someone in your team would benefit from some time to reflect, enhanced self awareness, greater understanding of others and some tome focused on personal development why not join one of our regular Insights Discovery Introductory Workshops which include you receiving very own Insights Discovery Profile.

  • 25th February at 10am UK Time
  • 18th March at 10am UK Time
  • 22nd April at 10am UK Time
  • 20th May at 10am UK Time
  • 17th June at 10am UK Time

What’s included?

Insights Discovery Profile (Foundation & Management Chapter)

One Hour Introductory Insights Discovery Workshop

Follow Up Insights Discovery Virtual Learner Pack

Investment £175 + VAT per person

Workshop Sign Up Form

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