Mental Health in 2020

It is likely if you are reading this that you may have personally experienced your own challenges with mental health or know someone close to you who has. Whether it’s a personal struggle or you are supporting someone who is experiencing mental health challenges there is no quick fix approach. Let’s look at the context to start:

1 in 3 people in the UK are likely to experience mental health challenges in their lifetime for which they will seek medical support.

Approximately 800,000 people (one person every 40 seconds) die every year due to suicide. The World Health Organisation states that for every one person who dies there are 20x more suicide attempts. These frightening and staggering statistics are something that I feel passionate about trying to help. Even if it is one person who makes a different decision – that would be one precious life saved.

If you are reading this and contemplating suicide please access one of the support services highlighted by SAMH who offer URGENT resources for those in the UK. For those outwith the UK please use Google to guide you to local services. There are so many amazing organisations and people out there who can help. THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON TO STAY! If you are struggling finding what you are looking for please let me know and I will signpost to the appropriate support.

SAMH Urgent Support

Head, brain, mind, thoughts, mental health, anxiety – whatever the label, it’s a complicated organ that I believe can be our best friend or greatest enemy. I am not pretending to be a neurosurgeon or expert on the medical side of things; instead I am keen to share the things I have found things that hinder and help me in my quest to understand and work with my mind more. The concept a House of Four Rooms in the Wellbeing Treasure Chest can be a great place to start for a practical wellbeing tool that helps link all elements of health (Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional).

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