I am blessed to have amazing children in my life but I am not a parent yet, so I am not an expert in raising well rounded children like many of you reading will be. However, I have seen some amazing approaches that children, parents and teachers have used along the way and wanted to share a few of these.

During the lockdown period of 2020 my niece, Eve, shared this idea with me. It’s a creative way of children colouring in, drawing, and expressing their emotions. I loved it and thought it might be a helpful way for you to open up conversations with your children, especially if they find it tougher to express themselves vocally. The idea could work for many drawings and using the key the children can decide how they are feeling today and colour a part of their picture to match.

Thank you to Lisa Anderson for sharing this with me…love it!

In a world of technology and apps, there is nothing better than a child having the regular routine of stories. ‘Why does a child love books?’ may be the question. The answer often lies in what the child observes the parents doing. Putting down technology is a great first step in adopting a healthier approach.

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