Reading has been a huge part in my own journey. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start…here are a few ideas if you are looking for personal development books. Even if you are sceptical about what books can do for you, what have you got to lose in buying one of these and seeing what resonates with you? This book ‘How Full Is Your Bucket?’ was a game changer for me, Helen Yates thank you for lending the book to me and for being so kind as to not ask for it back šŸ™‚

Reading Top Tips

I love listening to audio books on as I can balance other tasks with listening to really interesting books. When I was travelling lots with work audio books and podcasts were a great way to pass a few hours and learn at the same time. Now I am at home more I like to listen to something new early in the day and also while doing mundane household chores! YouTube is also brilliant way to find explainer videos of the key messages in any mainstream book too.

Reading Ideas (have a browse of the book gallery below – you will find all of these on Amazon, and in most good book stores).

Option B: Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

Man’s Search for Meaning: Viktor E Frankl

Start with Why/Leader’s Eat Last: Simon Sinek

Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill

The Little Book of Mindfulness: Tiddy Rowan

The Miracle of Mindfulness: Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation for Everyday Living: Christina Rodenbeck

The Kindness Method: Shahroo Izadi

Happy: Finding Joy in Everyday and Letting Go of Perfect: Ferne Cotton

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the book shelf so far – Jane, Hayley and Lisa – I really appreciate all your recommendations. Keep them coming šŸ™‚

Welcome to your virtual book shelf. We would love to hear about the book that has impacted you most and we will add them in here so others can benefit from new perspectives too!

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