I am very excited to launch some open workshops for individuals to experience Insights Discovery and receive their very own Insights Discovery Profile & online workshop. Often the tool is primarily used within organisations but I want to ensure it’s accessible to all. If you need some time to reflect, think about your approach and make a change, Insights Discovery is a great place to start.

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Insights Discovery Workshops (November 2020 – January 2021)

If you or someone in your team would benefit from some time to reflect, enhanced self awareness, greater understanding of others and some tome focused on personal development why not join one of our regular Insights Discovery Introductory Workshops which include you receiving very own Insights Discovery Profile.

  • 26th November at 10am UK
  • 17th December at 10am UK Time
  • 14th January at 10am UK Time

What’s included?

Insights Discovery Profile (Foundation & Management Chapter)

One Hour Introductory Insights Discovery Workshop

Insights Discovery Virtual Learner Pack

Investment £175 + VAT per person

If you are interested in joining please complete the booking form at:

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